18 September 2014

How does philosophy shape the way we work?

Where we stand shapes our perspective. Our experiences, our journey to this moment are what got us to this perspective. 

Plato’s cave is an allegory of how our experience limits what we are able to see.

Rather than explain it to you this video is a great execution and well worth three and a half minutes of your time. Please check it out.

 Our experiences are part of what can shape our perspectives. And our experiences can incorporate the lessons of others.

We can hear stories of others, and while they may not make sense to start with, we can keep going, exploring more and more ideas – business books, blogs, academic papers, literature, music and art.

It all adds up to new insights and creativity. Incorporating experiences from outside our natural comfort zones will help us learn more about the world we live in, and get closer to truths.

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