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21 March 2017

How do you as a coach continually improve?

Once upon a time few Agile Coaches got together on Slack channel and were determined to answer how coach can continually improve. Here's a list we came up with:

1. Deliberate practice
2. Experiment
3. Reflection: individual & shared
4. Read
5. From the mistakes (and successes :wink: ) or others
6. Seek coaching
7. Observe other coaches
8. Learn from kids
9. Paired coaching
10. Ask questions
11. Learn from other disciplines or fields
12. Learn from masters
13. Remember to remain humble and curious
14. Experience discomfort
15. Say no
16. Serve others
17. Meditate


13 March 2017

What are the characteristics of a good Product Owner?

We have a very interesting meetup in Melbourne this week about Product Ownership. 

Details about the session are below.

12 March 2017

Improve together | Workshop

I presented a 40 minute session at Agile India last week. The name of my session was "Improve together."

The presentation I used to support the workshop activity is below. I have put my notes down on how to run the workshop inside the deck in case you or anyone else wants to use it.

If you do use this workshop either as described of via your own improvements, please give credit, and also please share back with me how it went.

 Link to slide deck