13 May 2019

A better way of describing Scrum

For me Scrum is a framework for teams working together to deliver new products. Here is how I might describe it differently to other people.

Scrum is about values before practices.

  • Focus: Let's get everyone on the same page and focused on the same goals. Let's remove distractions.
  • Courage: Don't be shit. Don't let poor work or poor behaviours live in our team. Push boundaries and make things better.
  • Openness: Be personally transparent, and share what the team is doing with others in an open manner.  Don't hide anything. Show reality.
  • Commitment: Let's look after each other and our customers. Let's personally care about this stuff.
  • Respect: Everyone is doing their best given the circumstances. Have faith in each other and help each other where they need it.  Be patient and support each other's growth which will be different to your own journey.  Appreciate diversity in all aspects, and work together.

I wonder how it would have spread and what people would be saying these days if it had been passed around i this form instead of practices?

Australian Agile conferences 2019

Here are the remaining agile conferences in Australia for 2019.
We've already missed 1st Conf in Melbourne and Melbourne's Agile Coach Camp which happened in March and the Perth and Sydney events looks as yet unscheduled.

And while Yow! is not specifically "agile" it encompasses agile stuff and includes it in the program.  (Just like LAST is more than agile.)

If you know of more, pass me the details.

22 April 2019

What team are you on?

What team are you on?

The answer is more complex the more you think about it.

Part of the challenge is that we try to define different things using that one word.  Is the team the squad of four people you are on? Is it the group you lead? Is it the community or organisation you are a part of? Where are the boundaries?  And of course the answer varies based on the time you ask the question and the nature of the people on your teams.

What teams are you on right now?

What are the common elements of each of them?  What makes them different to each other?  Can you pick something unique about each different team? Perhaps several things?

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