16 December 2009

Project Management 3.0, coming your way

Project management 1.0 is all about good technical processes around planning, managing, tracking and delivering. Where people say it falls short is in dealing with complexity and people. Managers are too busy focusing on 'scientific' metrics and historical results to be able to help with problems and issues.

So project management 2.0 helps people talk to each other by handing them communciation and collabroation tools and giving them processes that enable them to self-direct. Self Direct towards what end?

That's where leaders and product owners come in. They give vision and focus to teams. They point the way, and rally the team towards a common goal: a great product, a happy customer or a shareholder dividend.

So, that sounds good, but what if you are short on good leaders? Or what if your leaders are busy out there seting visions and are too busy to come back to the workshop?  Or what if your leaders are just plain-old-wrong about their product or project vision?

And just how do you transform vision into action?

Enter Project Management 3.0; where the valuable art of management is applied and balanced with talented leadership.

(Did I coin the phrase first? Alas, no, I am at least a year too late.)

Photo = promo shot of Ed Lawler, the management 3.0 guy.

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