17 December 2009

ITIL's 7 Rs of change management

I am butting up against the ITIL CAB process on a regular basis.

It's not the process itself, it's a combination of the tool/process implementation that has come with it and some documentation naivety or slackness on the team, which has forced what feels like a particular bureacracy anti-pattern.

So tonight I research the CAB process in more detail.

The first thing that catches my attention is the "7 Rs of Change Management." In ITIL's context this has nothing to do with managing people through change - it's about managing complex IT environments, and trying not to break old things when you introduce something new.

The 7 R principles are worth sharing even if you don't have ITIL in your house. You could apply them to project change requests as well. You could even apply it to requirements and work packages.
  • Who RAISED the Change?
  • What is the REASON for the change?
  • What RETURN will the change deliver?
  • What RISKS are there is we do or do not carry out the change?
  • What RESOURCES will be required to perform this change?
  • Who is RESPONSIBLE for this change being performed?
  • What RELATIONSHIPS are there between this and other changes?

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