4 July 2009

BA Symposium, Sydney

I'll be speaking at BA World's BA Symposium in Sydney on Monday about how a BA can migrate into a scrum Product Owner role and sharing some experiences from my life. If you are there drop by and say hello.

(I'll also be at Melbourne the next week.)

The draft of the slide deck is below.  I'll probably be abandoning it though as I want to try out using a tool I saw at a recent Thoughtworks resentation called Prezi.  When I have completed the prezi file I'll try to post it here.

I'll also be sitting on a panel called BA-PM Turf wars.  The theme is as follows;

Ten years ago many organizations had no idea what a BA was! Today they employ many of them! The Project Managers are looking around and seeing a whole new role within a project – one that was sorely missing on many projects of the past. Or was it? Some project managers will tell you that the requirements gathering phase is their job. Some organizations will tell you that the PM and BA are one and the same. Others will bring it the business analyst and not even tell the project management community about them! Let the turf wars begin!

This is a similar theme as Elizabeth's Harrin's BCS talk in September.  What are your thoughts on this issue?  To me it smells like alignment issues again.

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