5 July 2009

The Business Analysts as Scrum Product Owner

I migrated my BA Symposium presentation from powerpoint to index cards and a prezi.com file.  Prezi doesn't read like a book, so a stand-alone online reading doesn't work as well as Powerpoint files, but it sure does look neat.


  1. Hi Craig,

    You've probably already noticed this but there's a typo in the title of the presentation (check "analyst").

    It looks reasonable. Just as an FYI, the BABOK Guide tasks cover (as far as I can determine) everything that a Scrum PO needs to know how to do to fill that role. It's hard to make a definitive statement to that effect, since there's no one definitive definition of the role that I can find, but I haven't come across anything so far.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    That's my reading also. It's almost a straight copy of the 'business focused' BA that ou and I have spoken about before.