28 April 2009

The Marketing Mix and your product

You are working on a project and that project is going to delivery products and services.  So, regardless of industry, you are in the business of marketing.

Marketing is about configuring your assets an capabilities in a way which offes value to your client or customer.

So let me run a quick check with you on your product's health, via the marketing mix.

I am not advocating a full blown adoption of marketing principles into your project communications strategy, but I do think a reflection on some basics would help.

What will he users be giving up in echange for the opportunity to use your system?  Will they be paying money?  Will they be forgoing the use of a manual process for a semi-automated one?

Why is your product going  to make thie life better?  Does this benefit outweigh the cost of changing?

What about the project sponsor?  Are they getting value from your project?  How?  Is it value that they'll appreciate at the end of the project?

What are you doing to tell our clients and users about the benefits theyare going to recieve?  A project communciations plan is more than a list of project management weekl and monthly reports.  It needs to include the communciation efforts invoved in getting people to adopt your new products.

Ahh, the big one.  Are you focusing on the right features? Really?

If you had to halve the features today, which ones would you keep? 

Where will people be using your product?  WHat is the context tey will be larning how to use it?  How will they master it's feature set? What environmental things will help and hinder uptake of the product?

These questions are just primers.  Of course you could go further, and if you can, I think you should.

How are you marketing your product?

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  1. Anonymous6:33 am

    u mispelled mostly everything u wrote,but overall u did good,it didnt help me much but its k,it might've helped another person