5 March 2009

Ben Warsop's BA Blog

Care of the meme I put out the other day I discoverred a realy great BA blog I want to share with you. And to whet your appetite I'll share this nifty diagram demonstrating a fresh take of the six fundmental BA questions.

Go to the blog to read the logic behind the structure and for a bigger picture or better yet go read the whole thing. There's plenty of sharp insight and useful knowledge there.

I've got her blog in my RSS feeds right now and will be paying more attention from now on.


  1. Anonymous7:24 am

    "Sharp insight and useful knowledge" Wow. That's a reference and a half. Thank you!


  2. I liked to enopugh to spend the evening reading it front to back (or back to front, whichever way is front on a blog.)

    Thank you for sharing.