27 February 2009

A meme on modelling

I propose a meme for our BA and PM bloggers.

Recall the first and last analysis model you used at work.

The first model I can recall using was a SWOT analysis back in my first year at Optus in a business process improvement team. I can't really remember the details but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with PayTV billing cycles.

The last model I used was an affinity diagram where I linked business case goals to a requiements spec's top level feature set (which was derived using a product breakdown/functional decompostion.)

(I've plugged in the wikipedia links to descriptions of each of these models.)

I'm keen to see what you guys put up - what models are we using and how?

Julian/Kevin, Jonathan, Maria, Pawel, Andrew, Bas, Raven and Scott - tell me your answers & pass it on.

And anyone esle? Josh, Glen, Rick...

Dont forget to link back to this post so I can track the replies.

(Photo by Simon Pais-Thomas CC @ Flickr.)

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