7 June 2008

Dear Bas Conversations with the Project Shrink

Bas de Baar is an Author of two books on Project Management. He also writes a blog at www.softwareprojects.org. Bas and I are regular readers of each other’s sites and now we are having a conversation from site to site. Feel free to join in.
  1. That people jumping to solution mode too early is a result of a person’s past experience with less complex problems; they jump to it and are rewarded for their quick action.
  2. That the issue of conflicting requirements is driven out of multiple stakeholder environments and is related to people’s alignment with the overall organisational strategy, which is again related to training and education.
  3. And thirdly, that project management and requirements management are not really seen as true professions by many in the corporate workforce, and as a result any old person is given the title and the related responsibilities. If only they were trained and educated…

Broadly, you are picking out two streams of training; one for project workers and one for project stakeholders (or participants.)

Obviously PRINCE2 and PMP training is available for PMs (and now a bunch of accreditations is coming onto the market for BAs) – how god is it? Does it fit the need you are talking about?

And what do we do about project stakeholders? How do we get them on board? (There is the CAPM accreditation from PMI, but does it hit this need?)

Bas and Craig have a weekly conversation, back and forth on their respective blogs, Project Shrink and Better Projects. With blog titles like that, you don't have to guess what the topic will be.

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