6 June 2008

Business Analysis Life Cycles

Maria at BA Rocks has (is) put (ing) together a Business Analysis lifecycle model for her employer (a client) and has come up with the following 6 stages.

1. Initiation and Scoping
2. Research and Analysis
3. Requirements Specification
4. Design
5. Development and Implementation
6. Evaluation and Conclusion

This list doesn’t sufficiently represent Maria’s ideas. You can read her post on this topic here.

One of her objectives is to build a model that is able to accommodate the dynamic and iterative nature of many of today’s projects. To adequately represent this I have presented this list diagrammatically.

(Maria, what do you think? Am I on the right track?)

Now, the model raises a number of questions. The first is why raise a new model when the IIBA’s model is there for the using?

Or, as an Australian BA, she could turn to the AABA’s framework. What is it that’s missing so that a new model needs to be constructed?

Rather than write another 500 words on the topic I’d rather hear what you have to say.

  • Do the industry frameworks provide sufficient guidance to you?
  • How do you customise your work to fit the client?
  • Do you have your own model?

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