18 October 2007

A List Apart's Web Industry Career Survey

A List Apart is a website for people in the website business. They have recently surveyed over 30,000 web professionals (including analysts and project managers) and asked a wide range of questions about what they do, how long the have done it, how they are rewarded and whether they like doing their web thing. You can read the report here.

One of the things that I picked up as I read through it was the question on "How do you stay current?"

By far the most popular answer was by reading websites, blogs and zines. (Trial and error was the second most popular way of learning, which reflects the developer centric nature of the responses.)


I am hoping that this blog is one of the useful resources of the many project workers out there. Recently I have received several messages telling me that this is a good blog and a useful resources for both junior and experienced project workers; mainly analysts, but also a few project managers. Thank you for the feedback. It helps motivate me to keep doing it.

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