20 October 2007

Just Enough Structured Analysis by Ed Yourdon

Ed Yourdon is one of the biggest influences in modern software methods. He wrote several books and over time has migrated from a view that highly structured processes will improve project results to one where he believes the success factors are quality people and in keeping bureaucracy out of the way.

You might have heard of such titles as Death March and Managing High Intensity Projects.

Adrian Marchis of Modern Analyst recently pointed me at a free e-book by Yourdon called Just Enough Structured Analysis. (You can download it here.)

With over 600 pages from a world class expert on software development there is bound to be some great insights in here. I'll be reading it over the next few weeks. If you have read it and can offer comments please tell me what you think.


There is a wiki version of the book that you can use to keep track of the content over time.

You can access it here.

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