25 August 2007

Religious wars

Eric thinks it's a red herring and methodology is not the issue. It's people.

Agile or waterfall can work, he says, if you have a good team. People trump process as Scott Sehlhorst often says. That means good people can work with a bad process right? It still doesn't answer the question of which model is better.

Maybe you just run with no formal process and work it out as you go. Oh yeah - that's agile.

But of course you don't always get the best people. What do you do then? Run them through a hard to manage and heavily bureaucratic process that even masters have trouble with?

The answer has to be the middle ground. Why aren't people talking about it? Or if they are - where are they?

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  1. Anonymous7:43 am

    Thanks for the linkback to my blog.

    The "middle ground" is what I'm looking for too...let me know when/if you find where the people are that are talking about it.