25 August 2007

The problem with Six Sigma projects

Has anybody noticed that six sigma doesn't have a change control process attached to it?

Are there a million six sigma practitioners out there who can't manage their scope properly? Do your sponsors keep adding one more thing? Are you still trying to close off last year's projects?

If you are stuck in this groove and want to change the tune consider adding in the PMBOK change control process to your framework.

I promise you that work gets easier when you manage your scope tightly.


  1. Anonymous7:43 am

    I can't say I agree with this position. From what I've experienced in six sigma projects, there have been very tight scope controls in place.

    Perhaps it's less about six sigma and more about the individual capabilities of the PM running the project.

  2. You may be right.

    I'm not a six sigma practitioner myself (even though I do run process improvement projects) and so my understanding of the methodology is more from reading and watching than doing.

    But they go on around me at a constant rate and it seems like scope change is not well managed. It may be a case of other issues like over servicing or doing too much at once, but it does seem like a common problem among the people I know that do use six sigma as opposed to more PMI style project management.

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