19 June 2007

I am Craig Brown

I have been asked to put a bio together for Fadi El-Eter at PM Hut. He is going to republish a few of my articles from here.

Possibly a few of the regulars at this site might be interested in who I am also so I thought I’d post it up here.

And maybe one of the dozen visitors a day that come looking for insight into Precedence diagrams.

I am Craig Brown.

I have worked as a project manager and business analyst mainly in the Australian ITC, Banking industries. I have also worked in the law, education and welfare industries, including starting a law firm with some lawyerly members of my family.

The most recent after hours/ personal project I am running (with an entrepreneurial former workmate) is a dot.com start-up that I’ll be publishing here eventually.

I have worked on a variety of operations, sales and marketing projects that range from large ones that drag on for years and cost millions but leave everybody disappointed, to short sharp focused ones where everybody walks away a winner. And the ones in between.

It’s easy to say the big ones never work and are too hard, and that you should avoid them where you can, but I have to say; I respect the people that take on the big challenges and have the tenacity and bravery to slog it out over the hard yards.

Persevere was my high school’s motto. I went to university and did a bachelor of business, mainly management and marketing.

I took what I learned and started working in a help desk at an Australian telco supporting its internet, cable and telephony products. I was a troublesome worker because I was always asking questions and suggesting better ways of doing things. Eventually I was shifted into a process improvement team and from there to more projects, consulting and analysis work and so on, all the while trying to maintain a customer/client focus in my work, which has mostly worked...

Two and a half years ago I went back to formal education and began a Masters degree in project management, which is not quite completed. Part of the course required the maintenance of a learning journal. That was the genesis of this blog.

I am currently working with a Melbourne based IT consulting firm called OptimiseIT. If you are looking for work as a PM, BA, or other IT professional, or if you are considering getting into the industry, feel free to get in touch via this site or via the OptimiseIT site.

And thanks for coming by and reading my site.

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