14 June 2011

Busy anyone?

Life is way too busy right now so rather than fully fleshed out blog posts I am going to dump some rough thoughts your way.  Bear with me.

BA World Bangalore
Was fantastic.  I pitched my story which seemed to go down well.  I met plenty of great people, none of whom I have gotten back in touch with yet. (If you are reading, I'll get to you soon!)  I want to go back to Bangalore in particular and India in general and I envy Glenn Brule who backed up his conference participation with a combined holiday and business trip around the country.

Agile Australia
Is tomorrow and Thursday, and I won't be there, but I will have my ears open and the twitter feed switched to #AgileAus so I can track what people are thinking about the content.  If you are at the event and would be up for a gust post here, let me know.

Is also coming up and if you are an analyst of project manager I'd like to recommend it as a development activity that I know you'll learn from.  You get the opportunity to learn new things from some presenters, to challenge orthodoxy when listening to others, and to really learn what the industry is doing in the hallway conversations.

I am repackaging the presentation I gave to BA World Bangalore for PMOZ in Sydney in August.  The refocus will include added information on what good Requirements Traceability looks like, and how done well, it can aid a PM in release planning and schedule management.

Melbourne Agile Business Analysts
I started up this group a few months ago and it's been a quiet and steady build up in terms of numbers and quality.

Last week David Joyce gave a great presentation on Process Mapping and properly understanding a system before jumping in and tinkering with it.  (Of course that flippant description totally misses the important points in the presentation. You should have been there.)

I've also just put out the call for a pub session to talk about and collate some ideas for the IIBA's Agile extension.  Come along if you are able and interested.

And next month we'll be doing a workshop on User Stories, which will also be fun.

Melbourne Scrum User Group
I have also been involved in the Melbourne Scrum User Group which has been doing some joint activities with ACS Scrum and Lean Leadership SIG.  That's also been interesting.  The challenge in this space is to develop a platform for both the (typically) ACS scrum newbies and the local experiences Scrum practitioners. If you have suggestions please get in touch.

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