24 March 2011

Too Much Stress?

In these last few months I have been under an unusually high amount of stress.

I have moved cities, taken on an uncertain role in a start-up mode consulting business and am working too many clients at once on short work packages with no long term certainty.  That's the money worries.  On top of that I have injured my back and have had chronic pain since October, I haven't been sleeping well, am not doing enough physical activity, and am dealing with a displaced toddler (we moved) and a handful of other minor gripes.

Life wasn't meant to be easy, right?

Working on one thing after another I am clearing the stressors and getting more and more in control.  It's been taking longer than expected.

I read the writings of Ellen Weber and Robyn McMaster and their work on the relationship between our brains, behaviors and the world we love in.  They write, among other things, about recognizing when you are in trouble and when you need to change the way you behave and think differently to break your rut.

It's hard to synthesize their work into a few dot points.  I just don't understand it well enough.  But I do know enough to recommend you to take a look at their websites/blogs where they share a lot of their knowledge.  If you are under stress (and these days many of us are) you might just find some actionable knowledge there.

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