8 September 2010

Simplicity, Complexity, Complicated and Complexification

For a while now I have been unable to comment on Jurgen Appelo’s Noop.nl blog. (Is it Chrome? Is it a setting on my desktop?) So I’ll comment here.

He’s posted a great article today that I think really helps clarify a problem we have with communication. Some domains are simple while some are complex. And the way we talk about them can be either simple or complicated.

Jurgen has framed these two aspects of simplicity into a new model (for me at least.)

I think it's instantly useful in helping teams understand that they need to work on making their modelling of systems simpler to enable communication and shared understanding, even though some domains are inherently complex. You can’t make a trip to the moon simple, but you can make the conversations easier.

Jurgen, this is an outstanding post. Thanks for sharing it.

(This may also dovetail into a recent Stephen Jon Whitty paper/talk about how project domains really are different and maybe we need different approaches for each of them.


  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Craig, thanks! Glad you find it useful.

    I've been too busy making my book deadline to investigate the comments problem on my blog. Hope to do that in a few weeks. Sorry about that.


  2. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Thanks for dropping by, and I hope the book launch goes well.