6 June 2010

Making pointless statements

How is it that so many project documents contain so few actual points?  Take this line from a business case for example;
"We aim to improve customer satisfaction."
 Sure.  Of course we do.

I can't share the rest of the business case because of confidentiality and all that, but you should understand this blanket statement is made as a basis for justifying a project and it  isn't  elaborated in any meaningful way.

What we - the project team and key stakeholders - need to know is why customer satisfaction has been put on a pedestal above other motivations.  Why is it more important than profit or sales or organisational growth?  And do we really prioritize customer satisfaction above these other things or is this project one of many and this just happens to be the customer satisfaction arrow in the quiver?

Blanket statements frustrate me.  They assume a common understanding that is almost never actually in place. When you next write a phrase like the above, do me a favor and elaborate it with context and rationales.

Picture by Brainless Angel CC @ Flickr.

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