2 June 2010

Kent Beck's new manifesto?

Team vision and discipline over individuals and interactions (or processes and tools)
Validated learning over working software (or comprehensive documentation)
Customer discovery over customer collaboration (or contract negotiation)
Initiating change over responding to change (or following a plan)

The agile manifesto has had a huge impact on the software development and project management industries.  I tend to look at these things as products (Yes, knowledge gets packages as a product all the time.)  And from my marketing days I realize that over time those who manage the product will diversify and evolve it to enter or generate new markets.  So I have been keeping my eye out for the next generation.  Lean wasn't it.  Lean is a variation on a current theme.  This new set of values does seem to stand up.  Let's see how the conversation goes.

(I discovered this via Jason Yip who found it via Eric Reis.)

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