9 June 2009

Your age is not as important as

...the age of your client.

However the gap between your age and your clients is important.  Think about it for a moment.

A person's age is one of a number of visible cues you can use to assess whether they are culturally aligned with you.

If you are an inner city 25 year old payrolled web designer you are going to start your thinking at a different place to a 62 year old rural business owner.

Picture by Freyja* CC @ Flickr.


  1. It's a good point... one of the most challenging things I had to deal with in my early career (in fact, I still have to deal with it) is my age, relative to my clients.

    I got my first Project Management gig when I was 21, and was suddenly thrust in front of senior executives in big public companies.

    It's a pretty unfair disadvantage as far as first impressions go, but the way to combat it is to be super professional, super organised and to really know your stuff. If you can do that well, then your clients have no choice but to take you seriously.

  2. Will

    That's a good example of you delivering to the standards of the client.