1 May 2009

The Better Projects Scrum Reading List


I am running a project using Scrum, and I have been discovering that even though the information is to hand many readers of traditional PM and BA sites aren't familiar with the process.  So I wanted to give an overview.

And once I started on that, it got out of hand and I have extended the overview into a list of all the things I think are important to know about when starting the agile/scrum journey.

Lastly the link titles don't always match the article headings at the other end.  It's a matter of context.

The Better Projects Scrum Reading List

The Basics
The advanced readings
Process milestones/ceremonies
The Roles
Requirements management
Release planning
Testing and quality
Scrum smells

Personal improvement
Implementing scrum 
  • Tips on implementing Scrum - for the team (Kelly Waters), for the client, for the stakeholders (Lynda Bourne, PMI)
  • Selling Scrum as a positive alternative
  • The challenge of Iterative requirements definition
  • Iterative and incremental product builds
  • The relational database and object base impedence (?)
  • Augmenting Scrum with XP
  • Lessons learned and shared, a year with scrum on Slideshare, Organisational change and scrum by Richard Banks
  • A Scrum book list is available here.
  • Online communties
If you'd like to offer any links, let me know in the comments.

(Picture by Gilmoth, CC @ Flickr)


  1. What a great post - this is what blogs should be all about!
    I don't tend to get involve in Agile projects but, when I do, I know where to come!

  2. Thanks Alex,

    I'll continue to updte tis over the next few weeks (or potentially years.)

  3. Mary Malmros12:42 am

    Wow, what an amazing resource -- thanks for posting it!

  4. Not specifically scrum; but a good paper on distributed development.


  5. Great! Amazing resource, just Evernote'd this. I was looking for some standard website on SCRUM, but this is better than that - best pieces from all around internet on Scrum.