10 February 2009

Step Back from Chaos

Imagine a world with no project managers.

Can't do it?  watch/listen to thi presentation by Jon Whitty; "Step Back from Chaos"

(Thanks for the pointer Bas.)

There are 2 things I puled out of this;
  1. As a project manager you job really isn't to try to control what's going on, and
  2. When you have complex and challenging stakeholders there are potential tools to help you identify and manage trouble spots before they erupt.

Image care of Andrew Coulter Enright CC @ Flickr


  1. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Really great presentation. Lesson learned: BA and PM should act as major hubs in a project. Do not try to control the project but simply communicate and keep every person properly connected.

  2. Bushan!

    Thanks for the comment.

    While it is important to look for ways to add value to the project wherever you can - One of, if not THE main role of the PM and BA is to keep the communication flowing.

    Glad you enjoyed it.