15 January 2009

"What took us a weekend to do, has taken 18 months here."

There is a difference between the enterprise BA and the software product manager.  And there is a difference between requirements management in the two contexts.

The title of this post comes from an article from Jim Stogdill at O'Reilly.  Jim, like me and most of the readers here, is an enterprise IT worker, and has some ideas worth reading about the different environments enterprise and product IT shops operate in.

In particular I want to draw your attention to the comments.  Especially one by Thomas Lord, who seems to be speaking as a VC person.  The comment is a mix of economics and business model ideas that will make you reflect on how things could be better at your compny.

Lord's advice is to seek improvement through capability (possibly through better leveraging your people) and increasing the range of products they are able to develop (and my take on this is through architecture.)

I hope you like it.

Picture by [togr] CC @ Flickr

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