18 February 2008

Rapid Application Development

I like this diagram because it has blinking lights.

Rapid Application Development is no mystery. For many years now people have known the best way to get requirements verified and validated is to build a prototype.

If you can get a working model in fron of people you can get really good discussions going about what features are most important and why. You can also use the prototype to manage people's expectations about what isn't going in to the end product.

Even if you don't have the resources of a developer to put together a prototype you can still model a system using powerpoint, or even white boards. (This is probably where use cases originated.)

RAD is prototyping as a project management methodology, but prototyping belongs in any type of softare development project.

The picture came from http://www.21stsoft.com/ and there is an article xplaining it here.


  1. Loved the blinking lights! Posted on the value of business rules in this context here.

    James Taylor
    Author of Smart (enough) Systems

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