5 October 2007


The time has come for a distinctly off-topic post. My personal project; Evaluator has finally gone live.

Months of working after hours, working with an excellent web design firm, Get Started and help from several great people along the way including Justin Findlay, Mareika Jacobs, Toby Dargaville and Callan Robinson have finally gotten us to launch. Thanks to you all for your various contributions.

Evaluator is a simple concept. It's a single web location where you can go to get property reports for any home in Australia. The reports we can provide are valuations, building inspections and pest inspections.

These are the typical reports you would get when buying a new property - and if you are in the market for a new property you are potentially one of my customers.

The website is not perfect, but with the gaps being filled by myself and the lovely Charlotte (mother of Henry) we are sure we will be able to provide a quality service. And we will make further improvements as the business matures.

Its an exciting time for us; new baby, and now a new business. All I have to do now is finish the PM4Law Thesis.

In the meantime can you do me a favour; spread the word to people that are in the property market.

Visit the site here: http://www.evaluator.com.au/



  1. Anonymous2:36 am

    Hi Craig,

    Congratulations!!! It looks great! One of the popular sites in the US is Zillow.com… You might want to take a look and get some more ideas.

    Wishing you the success in this endeavor!

    - Adrian

  2. Anonymous11:07 am

    Congratulations Craig!
    It's a simple yet great concept. As you said, the site is not perfect, but with few touches here & there I'm sure it's gonna make a lot of money. The domain name is also a catch.