28 September 2007

Two For One; Harrin on PM Models

If you are thinking about Project Management Certification or are wondering which project management framework is best for you and your project there are two main models to choose from; PMBOK and PRINCE2.

They both have their strengths and weaknesses, and yes, I have written about them before.

This week fellow PM blogger and author Elizabeth Harrin writes on combining PMBOK and PRINCE2 at Projects @ Work in an article called Two for One.

Her views match mine; that PRINCE2 is not a bad model if you want support from a defined process, but you need to understand it well and customise it to your own project's requirements. A warning though; process goes some way to managing quality but process alone can't ensure project success.

For that you need to turn to the people on your team; make sure they have the knowledge, skills and motivation to deliver your project, and that's where PMI's PMBOK comes in. PMI's a knowledge based framework, rather than a process oriented one. It's approach is that you get talented people and train them in the skills. Then you sick them onto projects.

Rounding up Elizabeth's article; An overall knowledge of the PRINCE2 process will complement the knowledge based PMBOK. In the case of project management two frameworks is better than one.

Elizabeth Harrin, Two for One, Projects @ Work, 27/09/2007


  1. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Thanks for mentioning my Projects@Work article, I'm glad you found it close to your own views. I think this is a growing opinion too, so it will be interesting to see how the frameworks develop in the coming years.

  2. a pleasure.