16 August 2005


Until May this year in class at Managing Project Teams at RMIT I had not heard the word satisfice but I have used it as a decision-making framework in the workplace. I understand satisfice to mean to satisfy through sufficiency or that as long as something meets minimum requirements the criteria are satisfied.

A few years ago I used this model to filter people for interviews when recruiting. I set out a position description that had mandatory and optional requirements and assess the applicants against the criteria. I used the satisfice model as he first filter. If applicants did not address each of the mandatory criteria they were not progressed to the next stage, which was to rank the candidates against all criteria (which were weighted) so I could pick a top 5 to interview.

It was a quick and efficient tool to use. As I continued to recruit I was eventually faced with the challenge of dealing a candidate pool where no one met all the mandatory requirements. At that stage I had three options, reduce the criteria, reduce the minimum standards of each criteria or re-advertise. On different occasions I took different options depending on my other needs at the time.

It's nice to know there is some theory behind decisions making :)

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