16 August 2005

Capturing Details about WBS

This is a sample template I designed for breaking down work elements for a project. I have used this on a recent project. When there are subsets of work items at a lower, ore detailed level I simply repeat and then staple them to the master. It seems to be a useful way to capture data when workshopping a project's WBS and trying to plan resources, dependencies, effort, time etc.

After all you,as the PM, rarely know all the information you need to know to build a plan youself.

The key elements are:
  • Workstream (top level WBS)
  • Details about who and when the data was captured
  • The work tasks name/and objective
  • Steps need to fulfil the objective
  • Project resources needed (ie facilitators of workshops)
  • Business and stakeholder SME's needed
  • Time as both effort and elapse
  • The physical output of the work (for me often a microsoft office document)
  • Dependencies, Risks and Assumptions

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