22 July 2021

Sometime co-location is impossible

I have a great anecdote about when I worked for a telco.

I was kicking off a new project.  I had caled the various members of what was going to be our team along to a kick-off meeting.

I traveled from one end of the city to another, printed up the docs, got the meeting room and conference faacilities ready (there were people from other cities coming along) and then the meeting hour started.

Only one persone walked in.  Then the phone gadget chimed.  And chimed again and so on.

People working on the same floor as the meeting room had dialed in.  That was just how they did things.  And as they listedned and taked I could hear people tapping away happily multi-tasking.

It was an awkward session for me, but I got used to it ver the next few months.

People lived the tools they sold I guess. 

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