24 February 2021

Heart of Agile and Daily Standups

Last year I shared a video where Dan, Shelvia and I tried usinga HoA them for a daily standup type meeting. Since then I have expanded this idea by piloting it across a number of teams, both in my organisation and via friendly coaches who work elsewhere.

Here are four observations I have received so far;

By shifting away from cards and focusing on "Deliver" a inuitively team started talking about cutsomer value instead of cards and shfted everything in that direction.

By focusing on Reflect (we called it noticing) people noticed they were signalling things they're are wondering about, trigering more coaching and support from senior team members. It also helps prepare for a deeper discussion in a retro.

By focusing on Improve daily, people start to make improvement goals smaller, and more achievable. And more personal, as they spoke about 'what I can improve.'

By focusing on collab - It drives the team to feel more conneted during remote work and to feel like they have shared goals.

There are nuances and details in this, and each team need to figure out its own way, but I am entusiastic about what I observed.

We're doing a meetup on this topic on Thursday. I'll go deeper there.

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