15 November 2020

The top 5 reason's projects fail

For many years the Standish Group reported on the project industry. You may have heard of the Chaos report, or that two thirds of requirements are generally never or almost never used.  Their research supports many an argument to adopt agile practices.

They reported on the primary failure reasons for years and there was a consistency there that shouldn't be ignored. If you are leading a project or development effort consider the following *Top 5 Reasons* projects fail.

  1. Lack of user input
  2. Incomplete Requirements & Specifications
  3. Changing Requirements & Specifications
  4. Lack of executive support
  5. Technical incompetence
Do your own digging if you want to learn more at their website.

1 comment:

  1. #1 is lack of effective (and persistent planning) at least in my experience. This encompasses 1-3 in this list, but is a distinct practice too often lacking, under-appreciated and poorly practiced.