17 November 2020

Technical incompetence, Meet Accelerate's four metrics.

The Standish Group includes Technical incompetence as one of it's top 5 reasons projects fail.

There are many reasons why you might be at risk of technical incompetence.  You can do your own reflection on that topic.  I'd rather introduce you to a way out of the problem.

Accelerate, put together by the publishers of the State of Devops report introduces us to four key measures of performance.  Focus on these things and you will have a pathway to grow yourself out of technical incompetence.

  • Lead time,
  • Deployment frequency,
  • Mean time to restore (MTTR) and
  • Change fail percentage
All of these ideas are embedded in lean thinking, and all of them have a track record of being associated with higher performance.  It's all about the quality and frequency of feedback you get. All of these things are generally accepted good - fundamental even - practice by the software engineering community

Strangely management doesn't seem to widely understand the opportunity here.  

So, if you are a project program or product manager - dig in and learn. Get the metrics on a dashboard somewhere, and start to improve.

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