14 August 2020

Retrospective topic: Let's think about architecture

Retrospective topic: Let's think about architecture

Different people think of software architecture in different ways so the first part of this discussion should probably be a normalising of what we all mean.  My version hints at how architecture is a platform view, about how it changes less frequently that other pats of the system, and how over time it evolves and changes, often without forethought.

The Agile manifesto suggests good architecture is emergent.  You might also ask what is is required of good architecture; for example sufficient experience in the relevant areas. 

You may also ask is there a role for an architect in your environment, or if whether the architects you have are aligned to your beliefs.

Once you have talked about what architecture is, how good architecture emerges, and whether you have the right conditions in place for good software architecture to emerge and evolve, you can look at what you are working with today.

Does it need changing? Does that change feel overwhelming of straightforward?

As you work towards the end of you allotted time, ask yourself; What is one thing we can introduce hat will make for better architecture in the future.

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