7 August 2020

Retrospective topic: Feedback for managers

Retrospective topic: Feedback for managers

Managers steward the system our team operates in.  Do they know if we think they are doing a great job? Is there anything they are not doing, or should be doing better?

Bring the team together in this week's retrospective and discuss feedback you can share with your manager. Once you have discussed what you think is important, invite the manager into a separate session and share your feedback.

Managers receive very little feedback that they can use. 

Energise your manager, or managers, with feedback. Support them with appreciation and help them know what you value so they can prioritise their time and energy.

Ensure your manager is feeling they are in a supportive environment so they can appreciate any negative feedback as positive and actionable. (Don't pull them into a room and ambush them. Don't be an asshole.)
By providing specific and actionable feedback you'll probably delight your manager.  

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