11 August 2020

Collaboration workbook

TLDR: Do this survey and learn a heap about collaboration and have a clearer view of what you should do to level up at work.

For the last couple of years I have been surveying people in meetups and conferences on what collaboration is.  Initially I had a theory that like a lot of words that it peak jargon "collaboration"  would start to lose it's real meaning and start being a power word; a word used by people to mark some behavior as acceptable and others as not: "You're not collaborating" becomes a way of subjugating and diminishing others.

Potentially I was over sensitive to this notion. Regardless, I went ahead with a bunch of sessions on this topic and learned a bunch of stuff.

One of the things I learned is that people get real value of a guided discussion into what collaboration is, can be and should be.

Today I want to share the online survey I have asked people to use. Take twenty minutes (maybe more if you want) and answer these questions. It will really help.

Do the survey

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