12 August 2020

5 Attributes of High Performing Teams

Here are five questions you can ask yourself about the teams you work on or with to check whether they are set up for success.
  1. Is the group a real team, with clear boundaries, interdependence among members, and at least moderate stability of membership over time? 
  2. Does the team have a compelling direction, a purpose that is clear, challenging, and consequential--and that focusses on the ends to be achieved rather than the means the team must use in pursuing them?
  3. Does the team's structure--its task, composition, and core norms of conduct--enable rather than impede teamwork?
  4. Does the team's social system context provide the resources and support that members need to carry out their collective work?
  5. Is competent coaching available to help members get over rough spots and take advantage of emerging opportunities, and is such coaching provided at times in the team life cycle when members are most ready to receive and use it?
Source of this checklist: America Phychological Association, 2004

From the work of Richard Hackman.
Sad News: Richard Hackman Dies at 72 | The Situationist

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  1. Link broken, think it's probably this one: https://www.apa.org/science/about/psa/2004/06/hackman