12 June 2020

Retrospective topic: Seeing other perspectives

Retrospective topic: Seeing other perspectives

Today is a great day to spend some time seeing the world from other people's perspectives. 

This could mean you need to prepare before the meeting, but you should have sufficient resources to hand.

Don't jump into solutions today, just think about what others think and feel.  The goal of today is to surface areas you want to explore further. You may generate some break-out sessions from this retrospective where you dive deeper.  

What is the perspective of the end user of the solution you are creating?  What are they looking for from your team? Do you think they are or will be happy? What do you think about that?

What about the other teams and individuals in the value stream that gets product to market?  What do they need from you? How do you think you are servicing them so far?  Does anything need to change?

Within the team; how well do you understand each other's roles? Does anyones particular contribution seem opaque? Does yours?  How can you help others understand? How can you seek to understand them better?

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