5 June 2020

Retrospective topic: Appreciate your team members

Retrospective topic: Appreciate your team members

Sometimes a retrospective can be as simple as sharing appreciations and thanks to your team members.

Today's suggestion: Everyone take some time to write down their thoughts, then everyone shares something they appreciation about every other team member.

Keep the appreciation small, focused and specific.  Motherhood statements like "I am just glad you are here" are nice, but it is nice to know what you do that makes someone feel that way.

You might get everyone to write down their appreciation on post-it notes and tag each other, or it could be a round robin on one on ones, or it could be across the room so everyone can hear what each other are thinking.

At the end of this meeting everyone should walk out feeling glad of their team mates and glad of the way they have been able to contribute to the team's overall success.

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