25 March 2020

1st Conference Workshops: Improve


I am posting the workshop guides from 1st Conference in Australia hosted by @tabar.). The fourth workshop I am presenting here sits in the "Improve" vector.

We took a cue from Soledad Pinter's presentation and ran a Solutions Focus themed workshop.

Solution Focus is something Heart of Agile fans keep gravitating to. It's a way of both lifting our horizons and also helping us focus on what our next move should be.

The Solution focus workshop in a nutshell;

  •  What does great look like. 
  • Draw/write what 10/10 might be for you 
  • Whee are we now? Draw/write that down. 
  • What is +1 to where we are now. What does that look like? 
  • What is one thing we could do to move towards that +1 state. 
That was the brief, but the workshop facilitators in both cities independently added another step which was to map back the improvement ideas to the HoA vectors. The last question (I think) became;
  • "What HoA area will that improvement make better?" 
I don't have any slides for this one, so here is this nifty slide from Soledad's presentation earlier in the day.

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