11 March 2020

1st Conference Workshops: Deliver

I am posting the workshop guides from 1st Conference in Australia (hosted by Tabar.)
Image may contain: textWe designed the "Deliver" workshop around goal setting.
We wanted to assert two ideas; That we don’t think about what type of goals we set for ourselves based on the work we are going, and that we aren’t that good at goal setting anyway, and a bit of practice is always useful.
First we talked about where we are on the lifecycle of the thing we are working on. Alistair has the "Pay to Learn" meme, which is echoed in other conversations as well.
We presented the product/business lifecycle slide from Jurgen Appelo's talk as a context setter and then highlighted that the closer you are to the beginning of something the more you need to learn over just getting stuff done, but also, as you mature some jobs just become about execution.
The workshops were slightly different in Adelaide and Melbourne based on the areas of expertise the facilitators brought to the room.
The activity was to write down goals and discuss them with each other; then challenge ourselves to write "learning goals." An interesting question here was "how do you know?" or "How do you measure?"
In the Melbourne workshop I sat in I heard people's framing of goals rapidly improve and the discussions helped people widen their horizon on hat good goals look like.

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