4 March 2020

1st Conference Workshops: Collaborate

I am posting the guides from 1st Conference workshops. there was one for each HoA vector. This one is Collaboration, 

The collaboration session was built around the collaboration cards Alistair designed. The basic workshop game was;
  • In small groups, 
  • one person shares a story about friction at work,
  • The other members of a group play a card from the deck, 
  • The group discuss how the idea shown on the card may be useful.

Variations on the game included playing multiple cards and selecting cards at random. All approaches were interesting.

Feedback from participants included "It got me to see things from a different perspective" and "Now I realise that processes aren't always the answer."

The main point of this discussion is to widen people's perspectives when thinking about Collaboration.  Alistair's created the phrases on these cards based on decades of observation of teams, conflict and collaboration and it is his intent with these cards to provide a tool that can help you think differently and take action when faced with blockers.

The cards in the picture below will eventually make it to the Heart of Agile website.
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