14 February 2020

Retrospective topic: Professional development

Retrospective topic: Professional development

Take the time to discuss professional development as a team.  What skills and knowledge gaps does the team have? What are the aspirations of the people on the team? What's the overlap?

It's a great opportunity for a Venn diagram.

Perhaps get everyone to write up their own ambitions before running the team discussion.  Then you can compare individual versus team goals.

It would be great to put it up on the all and let everyone iterate on what they see as the collective development plan versus just their own personal agenda.

Sure there may be some personal things that need to stay private, but the vast majority of the development program is a great opportunity to level up transparency.

Did you know: The 1st Conference and LAST Conference programs are great places to send someone or even several team members who want to level up their skills.

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