22 January 2020

The benefits of working in distributed teams or remotely

Most of the time we hear conversations on remote and distributed work framed around dealing with the disadvantages.

It's worth also thinking about the benefits.

The benefits discussion is often overwhelmed by the "outsource for cost" discussion, but that's not everything.  It's often not even a really good motivator anyway as in most instances your real goal should be to create value.

Some benefits of remote working off the top of my head:

  • Access a wider talent pool; there is competition for talent in your city. You may be an employer of choice and well known, or you may not be.  Access talent across the world and increase your hiring capacity.
  • Remote workers can focus better; less idle chatter, less productivity leakage due to town halls, random meetings and day to day interruptions
  • Global teams are closer to global customers; When we think of collaboration and colocation what do you think is better? Being close to your team mates or being close to customers? If you're a global business, take advantage of local market insights that team members close to customers can offer.
  • Coverage hours; Always on, always able to monitor and respond to issues.
I bet you can come up with more.  Give yourself 30 seconds and write your own list.

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