4 March 2019

1st Conference 2019 | Reflections

1st Conference was in Melbourne last Thursday and Friday and as usual was a great event.

The day begins with speakers on a main stage through to lunchtime, and then in the afternoon there are breakout sessions where ideas are workshopped.  The theme of the event that I saw was about Agility breaking out beyond technology.

I made up a promo image last week that addressed this, listing out several of the speaker and workshop topics.  Does this sound compelling to you?

Take a look at this program.  All of this over two days.  Imagine the new ideas, insights and opportunities this kind of networking provides.

Day 1 speakers

  • Remote Working with author and global consultant, Lisette Sutherland
  • Leadship Agility in the Israeli Army with Major Vered Netzer
  • Delivering a Culture of Innovation with Culture Amp co-founder, Doug English
  • Agile Contracts for Enterprises with lawyers Paul and Michael from MinterEllison and Singtel-Optus
  • Service Design and Design Thinking with Cath Hills from IOOF

Day 2 speakers

  • How Agility helps save Children at World Vision with Jordana Patterson
  • How Business Agility os helping a law firm reinvent its Business Model with Lani Beer
  • A look at how ANZ is approaching it's current Organisational Transformation using Agile ideas with Sarah and Susana 
  • An agile approach to helping new graduates get job ready by Nimisha and Ada from the Level Up program 
  • Thinking Differently about Partners and Procurement by Pam and Andy from Thoughtworks


  • Better collaboration, with me
  • Building Trust at Work by Samantha and Tracey
  • Mindfulness with Kathy
  • Dealing with Hierarchy with Nick
  • Building Safety and Enabling Growth with Elise
  • Building Empathy with Cass and Pete
  • Leadership skills with Katrina
  • Understanding Leadership and Trust with Marie-Claire
  • Personal growth with Feedback by Indhu
  • Working across cultures with Pam and Helen
  • Continuous improvement techniques with Aurelien

A thanks to Ed, Lisa and all the crew who helped put it together, and of course to Taras and the team at Cafe Blac for the excellent food over the two days.

What stands out to me is who is in the audience. 

The people that are coming to this and similar events are managers and specialists who are on the ascendency in their careers. Most work at companies (or business units) that are growing and doing well, sometime despite a contrary trend in the wider industry they operate in.

The audience at 1st are getting an edge for themselves and for the teams they work with by connecting with others beyond their organisational boundary. The internet provides endless information, but information without good context and appropriate reflection is a wasted opportunity.

Turning up, listening, engaging in dialogue and reflecting out loud with people on the potentials of these ideas goes so much further than watching another business talk on Youtube.

What I hope is that more people turn up and connect, at this and other events.  That you take time to think about your own plans to network, to connect with new ideas and to help yourself and the people around you increase your capacity to do good work.


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