7 February 2019

A step forward

For several years I wrote tot his blog several times a day. It was a great place for me to reflect on what I was learning and to share advice with others.  In recent years I have occasionally added a note here and there but not consistently written to it.  And in recent moths I have had an itch to start the writing process again, but have found myself stuck... that first sentence, that first idea... What will I do.

So this paragraph is to help break the block.  Let's see if I am back soon.

1 comment:

  1. The key to writing is to capture fleeting thoughts. I have a OneNote notebook that is almost always open with a dozen or so sections and easily 400 note pages. I capture interesting quotes, facts, links to articles and blog posts, blog ideas, questions, dialog, and other words-in-a-row. Some days I barely write a paragraph; other days I write until the wife peeks in to see if I've passed on. Most of it is gibberish, but I've gotten at least two hundred articles and one book out of it. Highly recommended.

    I look forward to reading your next post.