2 July 2018

Want better collaboration?

I have surveyed a number of experienced (agile) managers, consultants and coaches in Melbourne and the following came up as priority areas to attend to if you want better collaboration.

  1. Alignment: We have a shared view of goals and approach
  2. Flow: We have a steady flow, avoiding peaky demand
  3. Learning: We prioritize time and space for learning and improving together
  4. Respect: We empathize with each other as a first step to solving problems
  5. Nurture: Management (and everyone's) stance towards teammates is to nurture and support, not to direct and control
  6. Purpose: We know why we are doing the things we are doing
  7. Autonomy: We minimize the dependencies in our team on other teams *
  8. Transparency: We publish as much as we can about our goals and progress as widely as possible

Take a moment to reflect on this list and your own teams. What areas for improvement do you have? Perhaps table this list as a topic in a retrospective.

- Craig

* This one is interesting for me as it is about minimizing the potential for conflict rather than working towards a better holistic outcome. I think it's worth a deeper investigation.

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