25 July 2017

12 steps to project success

  1. Start with success criteria
    • What does 'done' look like? 
    • Start with the project sponsor/owner's vision.
  2. Understand who the players are: Who are stakeholders, who are consumers/customers and who are decision makers? What do each of them want?
  3. Does everyone have the same understanding of the goals? 
    • Are the goals reasonable?
    • What are the gaps? 
    • What will you do about them?
  4. What are the risks you are living with? Business Value (Does it have a tangible, sustainable benefit?) and Delivery (time, cost, feasibility, money?)
  5. What should we really be doing? 
    • A plan that incorporates all the above? 
    • Create the vision with your inner circle.
  6. Close the gaps in expectations.
  7. Ensure the solutions team know what is expected. 
    1. Definition of done, etc
  8. Ensure that the solutions team have a system in place that helps monitor progress and surface problems quickly
  9. Manage the issues
  10. Communicate
    • At the start, regularly while on the journey, then
    • Pre-launch comms, launch comms, post launch comms. 
    • Set and manage expectations, then tell everyone what a great job has been done to embed a sense of satisfaction in people
  11. Thank everyone involved for their contribution
  12. Bask in the glory of a successful project
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