11 June 2017

LAST Conference 2017, Melbourne

LAST conference is in it's sixth year this year.

LAST is a cross functional conference, that has roots in the lean and agile movements.

Cross functional?
This conference  is a platform for a variety of people to meet together and share. It's so much better than a bunch of software devs, Product managers or testers circle jerking themselves.

Roots in Agile and Lean?
The truth is that these days we steal the Agile and Lean  labels and co-opt them for our own agenda; which is "The Learning Organisation."

Goddamit, I should be better than this at four martinis. (But maybe my source remains opaque ans special.)

So, go sign up and buy a ticket.

Seriously, you'll thank me later. It is really a globally unique experience. And it's fucking amazing.

What? You want your annual training budget to be expended on, what? The mediocre crap fest that a google search pays off? 

(Amusingly my personal search on that topic yields not one reputable result I would recommend let alone pay for. Maybe your google profile is more optimised for good results than me.  I hope it works out for you.)

No seriously, people, get to LAST. Then think seriously about your training and development budget after your eyes are opened to the real potential before you.

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